Ellinor Ericsson

I am a 23 year old Swedish girl studying my third year at The Danish Design School. Furniture design has just caught my interest and this is the first time I ever made a chair. I therefore take my bachelor degree in both industriel and furniture design this summer.

Textile is a material that has haunted me in my industrial projects and now also in the furniture. I’ve often been told that my project is done scenographic even if it is about a vacuum cleaner or a caravan. The Tube Me Chair, is also a scenografphic projekt when I want to introduce a chair into people’s living rooms as the user can interact with and braid in their personality.

The TubeMe Chair is exhibited for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-13 feb. 2011, come and take a seat!







4 thoughts on “Ellinor Ericsson

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  2. Hello Ellinor

    It’s a great chair – hope you get an opportunity to develop it further and see put into production.
    It was a pleasant experience to hear you talk about your own and your fellow students work!

    Hope to see you again!

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