TubeMe chair

The TubeMe chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. You are able to braid the naked chair with pillow tubes creating your own upholster with the different textiles. While actually sitting in the chair you can interact with it by using the tubes or just throw them around you and fall asleep being embraced.

Ellinor Ericsson                                            +46733546143

Exhibited on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-12 Februar by the Danish Design School, step by and take a seat!

The TubeMe Chair out in the Media air–TubeMe-Chair.html–-by-danish-design-student-ellinor-ericsson/,a1364145,1,f,-1/pb,a1364142,1,f,-1/pl,v,,2324395/sb,p102864,1,f,-1 (Start at 03.40 min)


6 thoughts on “TubeMe chair

  1. Vilken fantastisk fåtölj, med många möjligheter. Fantasifull välgjord med mycket kreativitet. Smakfulla härliga ljusa mörka mullvadsfärger. Trevlig modern design.

  2. I really liked your project, i am an interior design blogger and posted the details about it here
    If you could let me know about a site/place where my readers could purchase it, as i would like to give them as much info as possible. Thank you.

    Danielle Bradshaw, editor of

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